Environmentally Degradable Packagings
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How it work?

The molecules of the traditional polymers consist of long chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Because of their size and homogeneity they are a difficult target for the enzymes of the natural microorganisms. With the films, produced under the DEGRALEN® technology, in the polymer (polyethylene) a special additive called prodegradent is introduced at an even rhythm. Chemical reactions occur, provoked by the sun radiation as well as the temperature and mechanical fluctuations, in which the molecules of the prodegradant, the polymere and the oxygen from the air participate. The reaction could generally be described as follows:

The speed of the process could be controlled by increasing or decreasing the quality of the prodegradent. When the molecules get chopped into smaller chains they become accessible for decomposition for the enzymes of the microorganisms in Nature.
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