Environmentally Degradable Packagings
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The degralen products incorporate the additive TDPA® of EPI Enviromental Products Corp. - Canada. The following certificates have been issued for these products:
  • Food contact suitability certificate in compliance with the requirements of the European Union, including for compliance with the directives: 89/109/EEC (Framework Directive) and 2002/72/EC (The Plastics Directive);     
  • Food contact suitability certificate in appliance to the requirements of the American Food And Drug Agency;     
  • Laboratory analysis of the decomposability of the degralen products;    
  • Laboratory analysis of the lack of heavy metals and nickel in the degralen products;
The certificates and the laboratory results would be places at the disposal of interested persons and organizations after a written request at e-mail address: degralen@ep-bags.com or fax +359 62 611 556. The request shall comprise contact data for the person who has placed the request together with an explanation for the purpose of the required documents.
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