Environmentally Degradable Packagings
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The question: “Are the packs made of DEGRALEN®" environmentally-friendly?” will arise in many people’s minds. As far as there is not an unambiguous definition for an “environmentally-friendly” product, we are going to describe the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
  1. The products made of DEGRALEN® are produced out of petrol like the traditional plastics but not out of plant or animal products. From the other hand, the energy needed for their production stays of little quantity as in the case of the products made out of traditional plastics.    
  2. The DEGRALEN® products, unlike the compostable wraps, are not suitable for industrial compost. Anyway, there no installations for composting of household garbage in many countries.    
  3. The DEGRALEN® products assist the reduction of the visual environmental pollution with wraps, especially packs.    
  4. While decomposing, the DEGRALEN® products, unlike the products made of natural ingredients such as paper or compostable wraps, emit carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) very slowly.
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